We offer a comprehensive service portfolio covering all stages of pharmaceutical development:
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  • Fee-for-Service
  • Interim Management
  • Regulatory Interactions
  • Designated Sponsor


Our Method
Translational project management from the laboratory bench to clinical development.

Translational Project Management

Our translational project management method includes all steps necessary for successful development of a new pharmaceutical or active pharmaceutical ingredient – starting from bench, followed by a GMP-compliant production and pre-clinical testing up to the clinical development phase.
  • Step 1: Definition of product profile using clinical target parameters, in-depth market analysis and assessment of the competitive parameters, including patent evaluation.
  • Step 2: Detailed reverse planning starting from market and approval strategy backwards to the development of pre-clinical and clinical trials.
  • Step 3: Operational project management with cost-controlled working packages and milestones. Pre-defined critical “tollgates” keep development risks low during project management.
Translational project management at VPM is organised in a lean matrix structure supported by a strong network of selected experts from the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Moreover, our experienced project managers are specialists in their scientific field. Overall this set-up results in low fixed costs and high flexibility, giving optimal results when addressing customers' needs.
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