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Dr. Leander Grode
CSO and Director Business Development

Dr. Christiane Meller
Director Quality Assurance

Dr. Steffi Hansen
Director Quality Assurance

Dr. Gerald P. Parzmair
Clinical Project Manager

Dr. Fabio Pisano
Project Manager

Dr. Kathrin Schulte
Clinical Project Manager

Dr. Rosalie Ridzewski
Clinical Project Manager

Dr. Inci Aydin
Project Manager

Dr. Annabel Krupp
Project Manager

Dr. Sina Brückner
Project Manager

Stefanie Katzensteiner
Quality Assurance Manager

Inge Jacobi
Accounting and Controlling

Saskia Pötsch
Team Assistant

Christoph Schütz
Team Assistant

Open positions
Dr. Christiane Meller joined VPM in 2010 as Clinical Project Manager and later became quality assurance manager. Since 2018 she is Director Quality Assurance at VPM.

Christiane Meller is experienced in planning and management of clinical trials within the EU regulatory framework (phases I-III). At VPM she is responsible for running the quality assurance.

Christiane Meller studied biology and majored in molecular and cell biology at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg.

Supported by a doctoral scholarship of the International Graduate College "Hannover Biomedical Research School" she accomplished her doctoral thesis at the TWINCORE, a centre for translational research in infectious diseases. The aim of her doctoral thesis and following post-doctoral work was the characterization of viral ion channels as target structure for hepatitis C virus-specific therapeutic agents.